The cover of the publication is printed on the same wood that the Pareidoskop is made of.
Pareidolia—Reality is in the eye of the beholder
Publication and Apparatus
The phenomenon of pareidolia, the ability of the human brain to recognize faces and objects in patterns, structures and forms, is the subject of this work.

With a uniquely developed apparatus, the »Pareidoskop«, it is possible to see the world upside down and isolated from the environment. Through this distortion of reality, the brain is less able to use the familiar »templates« of the process of seeing and it is easier to discover pareidolia. A selection of the findings—discovered and captured with the Pareidoskop—was collected in a photobook.​​​​​​​
The Pareidoskop works with an iPhone, a controversial medium that represents a constant companion in the day-to-day life of a broad community. Due to their permanent interaction with smartphones many users have a restricted perception of their surroundings. In this project, the iPhone is used to counteract this effect. The users of the »Pareidoskop« get the possibility to perceive their environment in a different way and to discover new perspectives.

Book and apparatus are linked by a construction manual and a corresponding craft kit. The publication contains the templates for the individual components.
In a survey, different picture interpretations from different people were collected. They are printed mirrored on the back side of the image to give the reader the chance to have an unbiased approach to the photos. If wanted, the recipient can use a smartphone and the guiding arrows to read the description next to the picture.
The project was awarded with an ADC Junior Award, Bronze.
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